01. I can't put this sweater in the dryer or it will [shrink].
02. Old growth forest in this state has [shrunk] to the point where many people have never seen an original, uncut forest.
03. Whenever my daughter sees a dog, she [shrinks] away from it.
04. The woman gasped, and [shrank] against the wall as the monster approached her.
05. The Martians have a special ray gun which allows them to [shrink] their enemies to the size of a mouse.
06. As a soldier in the war, he never [shrank] from the dangerous duties he was ordered to undertake.
07. You should allow for some [shrinkage] in these jeans the first couple of times you wash them.
08. Anais Nin once observed that life [shrinks] or expands in proportion to one's courage.
09. Scientists have discovered that when astronauts remain in space for long periods, the weightlessness actually causes human beings to [shrink].
10. He accidentally [shrank] his kids to the size of insects during a scientific experiment that went wrong.
11. Low-mass stars slowly [shrink] and die as they consume their fuels.
12. [Shrinking] profits have made life difficult for farmers in Uruguay.
13. Increasing demand for ski resorts and hotels in Switzerland is resulting in a [shrinking] countryside.
14. With its declining birth rate, Hungary's population is slowly [shrinking].
15. Scientists say that the hole in the ozone layer is now [shrinking], and may one day disappear.
16. The political turmoil in Fiji has had a severe impact, with the economy [shrinking] by 2.8% in 2000.
17. Researchers say that the ice fields on Africa's highest mountain [shrank] by 80 percent in the past century.
18. Modern technology is [shrinking] our world, and international borders are becoming less of a barrier to trade and communication.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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